Developing a DDI-based Online Data Catalogue Using the Software NADA
Julie Lenoir  1  , Julie Baron  1  , Arianna Caporali  2@  
1 : Institut national d\'études démographiques - DataLab
2 : Institut national d\'études démographiques - DataLab

In the past year, the DataLab of the French Institute for Demographic Studies (INED) has been evaluating different software solutions to develop an online data catalogue based on DDI-Codebook. This was necessary because Nesstar, the software we used so far, is being discontinued. The new tool should meet INED-specific requirements, provide a user-friendly access to the metadata we manage and promote INED socio-demographic data among expert and non-expert users. In this presentation, we explain why, after a thorough investigation, we decided to implement NADA Microdata Cataloging Tool rather than Dataverse. We then illustrate the work carried out to develop the new data catalogue. This includes updating our metadata in order to comply with the CESSDA metadata model and upgrade to DDI-Codebook 2.5. We present our metadata updating process and our procedure to migrate from Nesstar to NADA. We conclude with showing our new data catalogue under development.

This paper is the follow-up of a study presented at the 2020 European DDI User Conference by one of the authors ( 

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