StatConverter: statistical conversion tool using DDIwR
Adrian Dusa  1@  , Emilian Adrian Hossu@
1 : RODA

StatConverter is an open source alternative to the well known, commercial software StatTransfer. It is built as a graphical user interface on top of R, as an ElectronJS application under Node.js and it is available from the list of software tools provided by the Romanian Social Data Archive (RODA).

This is a cross-platform tool which needs R to be installed on the local computer, and a series of R packages among which the dedicated DDIwR (DDI with R). This package uses the well known package haven written by Hadley Wickham at RStudio, which in turn uses the open source C library ReadStat by Evan Miller. Apart from being a wrapper around haven, the package DDIwR offers additional functionality by using DDI as a conversion platform between the various statistical software.

One other unique feature of DDIwR that no other software offers (including the commercial ones) is the treatment of missing values, converting those in the native format for each software. This is an automatic procedure scanning all variables' metadata for information about missing values, and creates a dictionary for consistently converting missing values with the same codes.

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