The DDI Alliance Training Group – Check out what's new!
Jane Fry  1@  
1 : Carleton University

The DDI Alliance Training Group has had a successful year and we want to tell you all about it. There are new Training webpages and new Zenodo communities with links to different DDI training materials and past DDI presentations. These resources are a result of work which has been done by our working groups.

One exciting development is the Zenodo community for DDI training materials: it is now available to use when you are conducting DDI training. These materials have been created by DDI experts at a Schloss Dagstuhl Workshop in 2018 and in the DDI Training Group. The materials are intended to be reused, and they cover many different and relevant DDI topics. Other exciting new developments include a series of sprints and regular workshops hosted by CODATA.

So come and be part of this presentation as you are taken on a tour of the different training resources available for you. It will be worth your while!

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