What's New in Colectica 6.2 and 7.0
Kevin Mcginnis  1@  , Benjamin Adams  1  
1 : Colectica

Colectica is announcing the availablility of two new releases, Colectica 6.2 and Colectica 7.0. Colectica is software for creating, publishing, centralizing and managing DDI metadata within and across organizations. It is used by national statistical organizations, university research groups, and data collection agencies to provide well-documented data to researchers and the public. Colectica is built on open standards like DDI and GSIM, ensuring that information can be presented in numerous formats and shared among different organizations and tools.In this session we will give an overview of new features of Colectica 6.2 and Colectica 7.0, including:- Calculation and display of weighted summary statistics
- SKOS Controlled Vocabulary import and usage enhancements
- Native storage for DDI OtherMaterial files
- Customizable facets and enhanced ElasticSearch indexer
- Linux support for Repository+Portal and Colectica Workflow
- Individually managed contributors and roles
- Qualtrics import to DDI
- A new difference viewer between DDI items or versions
- Nesstar and DDI 2 import improvements

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