Dissemination of contextualized statistical information: achieving interoperability between DDI-CDI and NGSI-LD
Franck Cotton  1@  , Arofan Gregory  2  
Institut national de la statistique et des études économiques (INSEE)
2 : Consultant

INTERSTAT, a project funded under the European Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) initiative [1], aims at developing an open framework allowing the interoperability between national statistical portals and the European Data portal in order to build cross-border data services.

One way to reach this interoperability is to allow statistical open data to be made available through a key building block of the CEF infrastructure known as the Context Broker [2]. This would allow to disseminate statistical data in a way that can be contextualized in time and space, interoperable with other sources, and available via simple and standard web services for consumption on various platforms.

The core specification for the Context Broker is NGSI-LD [3], an ETSI [4] standard for context information (IoT, Smart Cities, etc.) which combines an information model and an API. To disseminate statistical information through the Context Broker, it is necessary to map statistical information models to NGSI-LD, in particular the DDI Cross-domain integration model and other foundational information models used in the statistical community.

INTERSTAT is working at building this cross-standard data model and a software implementation of this bridge capability. The project includes three concrete pilots that will allow to experiment and validate the results of this activity.


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